Swift Racing in Switerland

Since 2005, when Swift Racing Boats came to the market, we are very proud that so many teams and rowers from many parts of the world have made the decision to try our boats, and have seen for themselves that we live by our motto, “Quality doesn’t have to come at a high price”.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in the production and sale of our boats, and the trust placed in us by our customers, we were able to sell over 1,000 boats since 2013 every year.

Today we are the No.3 boat supplier in Switzerland

World Rowing Official Supplier​

We are a top supplier of FISA, the world rowing association. We suppy University Games – Coastal Championships and international Top Rowing Teams every year. 

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WHAT IS THE MOST UNUSUAL BOAT WE HAVE BUILT? Without doubt, that is the “Push-me-pull-you” boat, that we built for New Zealand sculptor Scott Eady

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